USF Alumni Association Names Nutter to 2014 Fast 56 Rankings

USF Alumni Association Names Nutter to 2014 Fast 56 Rankings

Article and pic via Blog | 360 Degrees News
Article and pic via Blog | 360 Degrees News

Posted by Candice McElyea , April 15, 2014

The University of South Florida (USF) Alumni Association named Nutter Custom Construction the top business in its rankings of the 2014 USF Fast 56, the fastest growing USF alumni owned or led businesses in the world. The top ranking was announced at a celebration on Friday, April 11 in the Marshall Student Center Ballroom at USF Tampa. More than 600 companies were nominated and of the fifty-six finalists honored, Nutter Custom Construction of Sarasota, led by T.J. Nutter, `98, was announced as the fastest growing USF Bull business during the most recent three-year period.

“I am proud and honored to be recognized with such a prestigious award,” said T.J. Nutter, president and CEO of the Sarasota-based custom construction business. “As a graduate of USF, this award is especially poignant and is something I truly value. I am humbled by the support of USF and from the community that I grew up in, that has allowed my company to thrive here,” he said.

To be considered for the USF Fast 56 program, an organization must have been in business for at least three years, have revenues of $250,000 or more for the most recent 12-month period, and be owned or led by a University of South Florida alumnus.

Nutter Custom Construction is a full service residential construction and remodeling company based in Sarasota, FL. The Nutter Custom Construction team has more than three decades of combined high-end residential construction experience that results in increased efficiencies for the client. From site selection, through completion, Nutter Custom Construction handles all aspects of building while providing exceptional concierge level service.
T.J. Nutter is a Sarasota FL native has experienced vast changes in the Sarasota community over the years.

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“I grew up with TJ Nutter in the Sarasota area and he remains and has always been a role model for many, as his moral compass is on point and he is a great leader, father and friend to many.” ~ Sean Dreznin


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