Some Manatee apartment buildings, condos going smoke-free

Some Manatee apartment buildings, condos going smoke-free


Tony Lear, a firefighter/EMT with the Southern Manatee Fire Rescue, deals with smoke in his work.

There’s no way he wants it at home, he said recently.

Lear also is aware that studies have shown approximately 70 percent of air is shared between multi-unit housing.

Lear knows tobacco smoke can move along air ducts, through cracks in the walls and floors, through elevator shafts and along plumbing and electrical lines affecting units that are nearby.

“If someone is smoking in one apartment, their neighbor is most likely inhaling secondhand smoke,” said Megan Jourden, community health specialist with the Florida Department of Health in Manatee County, also known as the Manatee DOH.

All that is why it was important to Lear and his wife, Kathryn, to find a Manatee County rental apartment in a completely non-smoking building.

The search wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be.

There are roughly seven apartment and condos in Manatee County that have followed a current national trend and gone either completely or partially smoke-free so occupants won’t have to breathe in secondhand smoke, Jourden said.

One of the seven is Lost Creek at Lakewood Ranch, owned by Community Property Management just off Lakewood Ranch Boulevard, across the street from the Manatee Technical Institute’s East Campus.


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