Zombie homes still haunt our market

Zombie homes still haunt our market

By  via Herald Tribune

They are the foreclosures that just won’t die.

Florida continues to be national leader in zombie foreclosures — homes in the foreclosure process that were vacated by their owners before the lenders took over.

The Sarasota-Manatee region ranked 21st among major metro areas in January with 1,196 zombie foreclosures, or 30 percent of all the homes currently in the process, according to real estate researcher RealtyTrac.

While that is 839 fewer “walking deads” than a year ago, it represents a higher percentage than the 25 percent zombie foreclosure rate reported in 2014.

Despite a one-third decrease over the year, Florida still reported the most zombie foreclosures with 35,903 as of last month, or 25 percent of the national total. They accounted for 26 percent of all foreclosures in the state.

Nationwide, homeowners abandoned 142,462 properties prior the bank repossessing them in the past year, representing 25 percent of all active foreclosures.

The total number of zombies declined by 6 percent over the year, but the share increased from 21 percent.

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