City halts plans for Main Street bar citing too many bars

City halts plans for Main Street bar – Planning Board to reject plans for Paddy Wagon Irish Pub

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by: David Conway News Editor via

Late last year, Tom Elliott saw no resistance to his proposal for a new Main Street bar as a preliminary public workshop regarding Paddy Wagon Irish Pub went unattended by the public.

Elliott saw the poor turnout as a good sign regarding the general reception to his proposal, but, as it turns out, it was just a brief calm before a deluge of opposition.

At the May 13 Planning Board meeting, city staff, residents and the board itself all urged against issuing a 4COP liquor license to Paddy Wagon, which hoped to open later this year. Following the Planning Board’s recommendation against the liquor license and the bar’s site plan, the future of the business is now in question.

All three of those groups opposed the Main Street bar on similar grounds: There are too many bars downtown, the proposed bar could create crime and noise issues and the proprietors of the bar — who formerly owned Smokin’ Joe’s — have a spotty track record downtown, they said.

Paddy Wagon is one of three businesses entrepreneur Jesse Biter planned to open in his properties in the 1500 block of Main Street. The bar would be located at 1576 Main St., the former site of the Bullet Hole. Per the city code, the use of the 4COP license  classifies the proposed bar as a nightclub.

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