Is Sarasota being overbuilt?

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by Josh Salman via Herald Tribune
SARASOTA – A strengthening building boom that’s brought a luxury shopping district, thousands of additional homes and new condominium towers to Sarasota has caught the attention of residents, who are beginning to wonder if the region is growing too fast.
New development and population growth top the issues on the minds of Sarasota County residents.
For the second straight year, residents cited issues surrounding over-development as the most important issue facing Sarasota County in the annual survey conducted by the University of South Florida.
It is a drastic turn from the years of the Great Recession and its aftermath, when jobs and the economy were consistently ranked as the biggest issue – by far.
But during the past two years, a rebound in new development – spurred largely by new retirees migrating to Southwest Florida – has reshaped the outlook of those who already live here.


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