Some new Mid-sized Multi-Family Properties in Sarasota, Bradenton & the Gulf Coast of Florida

Some new Mid-sized Multi-Family Properties in Sarasota, Bradenton & the Gulf Coast of Florida


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#1.  13-units located just North of downtown Sarasota.  An interesting investment property consisting of 4 buildings in an area that has a lot of activity, but little actually available for purchase.

This property is of additional interest, because the opportunity exists to knock it all down and start over and allows for 11 units with 11 additional accessory units (typically studio units) totaling 22 new units.

All interested parties must sign a confidentiality agreement

No co-brokerage offered  – If you’re an agent, your buyer must pay your commission

Any appointment will be scheduled, only after a CA is executed, financials have been reviewed and deemed satisfactory and at minimum, a LOI or bonafide contract has been submitted.


#2.  17-units located in Bradenton, FL.  This complex is located near SCF and IMG.  (8) one bedrooms, (8) two bedrooms and a large family sized unit with up to 7 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths.

Complex is partially renovated and the remaining improvements are being completed.  Acquire as-is and negotiate a lesser price or have the current owner complete improvements and negotiate based on renting the newly renovated units out at market rents.


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#3.  3-units located in Bradenton, FL  This is a triplex that can be purchased by itself or if you are seeking more units, can be coupled with adjoining triplexes to total up to 18-units.  It all depends on your appetite for investment units.  Each triplex consists of (2) Two bedroom units and (1) Three bedroom unit.

Asking is $315,000 for the 3 units.

Contact Sean Dreznin with Ian Black Real Estate for all of the above opportunities.

(941) 906-8688  X109


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